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        George Darley (1795-1846)

                from Harvest-Home

    Down the dimpled green-sward dancing
        Bursts a flaxen-headed bevy,
    Bud-lipt boys and girls advancing
        Love's irregular little levy.

    Rows of liquid eyes in laughter,
        How they glimmer, how they quiver !
    Sparkling one another after,
        Like bright ripples on a river.

    Tipsy band of rubious faces,
        Flushed with joy's etheral spirit,
    Make your mocks and sly grimaces
        At Love's self, and do not fear it !


The above excerpt appears near the middle of the poem Harvest-Home, which can be found in its entirety in:
  • Darley, George. The Complete Poetical Works of George Darley. Ramsay Colles, ed. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co., 1908.

    The excerpt can also be found under the title The Joy of Childhood in:

  • Griswold, Rufus W., ed. The Poetry of the Passions. New York: Butler Brothers Incorporated, 188?.