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      James R. Gilmore (1822-1903)

                        Three Days

    So much to do: so little done!
    Ah! yesternight I saw the sun
    Sink beamless down the vaulted gray,—
    The ghastly ghost of YESTERDAY.

    So little done: so much to do!
    Each morning breaks on conflicts new;
    But eager, brave, I'll join the fray,
    And fight the battle of TO-DAY.

    So much to do: so little done!
    But when it's o'er,—the victory won,—
    Oh! then, my soul, this strife and sorrow
    Will end in that great, glad TO-MORROW.


The above poem can be found, for example, in:
  • Bryant, William Cullen, ed. A New Library of Poetry and Song (Utopian Edition). Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1927.

    Gilmore was a Northern journalist during the American Civil War and author of several books. He also wrote under the pseudonym Edmund Kirke.

    The words "so much to do, so little done" also occur in Tennyson's In Memoriam LXXIII.