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      Denise Levertov (1923-1997)

                  Hymn to Eros

First Line: O Eros, silently smiling one, hear me.

This poem is protected by copyright and cannot be displayed without permission of the copyright holder. It can be found in:

  • Levertov, Denise. Poems, 1960-1967. New York: New Directions, 1983.
  • Kossman, Nina, ed. Gods and Mortals. Modern Poems on Classical Myths. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001.

    Eros was the Greek god of love, desire, and passion. He is usually represented as a winged youth or infant, often with a bow, and sometimes blindfolded. The myths vary on his parentage, naming him the offspring of either Aphrodite, Chaos, or Nyx. He is more commonly known today under his Roman name Cupid.