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          Myrna Garanis (fl. 2003)

       the war is on the kitchen table

    the war is on the kitchen table
    the war is on the kitchen table
    waiting to be read,
    I brew the coffee black as buildings,
    charred, collapsed,
    I load the toast with butter,
    chew my way through cluster bombs,
    smear raspberry jam on screaming headlines
    which do not disappear
    I flip the page to guaranteed results:
    hockey scores, ice dance competitions,
    there the gains and losses
    line up in soldierly columns,
    no wavering parades of souls,
    filing down disfigured roads,
    walking, falling, left behind,
    long after the page is closed


the war is on the kitchen table is © Myrna Garanis. It appears here in accordance with the permissions granted in:
  • Swift, Todd, ed. (2003, February 3) 100 Poets Against the War Redux. Retrieved February 6, 2003 from the nthposition Web site: http://www.nthposition.com/100poets.pdf