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         Christopher Morley (1890-1957)


    SWeetly solemn see them stand,
    Spinning churns on either hand,
    Neatly capped and aproned white
    Airy fairy dairy sight.
    Jersey priestesses they seem
    Miracling milk to cream.

    Cream solidifies to cheese
    By Pasteural mysteries,
    And they give, within their shrine,
    Their communión in kine.

    Incantations pure they mutter
    O'er the golden minted butter
    And (no layman hand can pen it)
    See them gloat above their rennet.

    By that hillside window pane
    Rugged teamsters draw the rein.
    Doff the battered hat and bow
    To these acolytes of cow.

    Genuflect, ye passersby !
    Muse upon their ritual high —
    Milk to cream, yea, cream to cheese
    White lacteal mysteries !
    Let adorers sing the word
    Of the smoothly flowing curd.
    Yea, we sing with bells and fife
    This is the whey, this is the Life.


The above poem can be found the Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1915. It is listed as having appeared in the Boston Transcript.

  • Braithwaite, William Stanley, ed. Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1915 And Year Book of American Poetry. New York: Gomme & Marshall, 1915.