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      Eda Lou Walton (1894-1961)

                BALLAD WORLD

    I should like to live as a ballad maid
    Who loves, is loved, and dies,
    Or bears four sons as a matron staid
    To her lord's amazed eyes.

    Birth, and youth, and womanhood,
    Ripe lips and golden hair,
    Death and a lover understood,
    And a black silk shroud to wear;

    And all the long years left untold
    The long hours left unsaid,
    While swift, rare moments of life unfold
    Bronze and silver and red.

    I should like to live in a ballad world
    While vivid lips of song
    My leaping, lingering tale unfurled
    Of a fate six stanzas long.


This poem first appeared in The Nation and can be found in:
  • Braithwaite, William Stanley, ed. Anthology of Magazine Verse For 1921. Boston: Small, Maynard and Company, 1921.