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Three Words
- Geeia Lynn Brodsky Habing(1970-)

    So scary
    Are those three words
    Words spoken in passion,
    Spoken in a whisper.
    At one precise moment
    They feel so true
    So right.
    Some use them casually
    In their everyday chatter,
    But I find them sacred.
    I can speak them only
    When I'm certain.
    I will not use them in vain.
    They've been spoken to me before
    Under the shroud of darkness
    Beneath a warm touch,
    But never before did they ring true.
    Never before did they grab my heart
    And caress it
    With the magic
    Of a pure soul.
    Never before have they been sincere enough
    To have my lips echo their syllables
    In the most meaningful sentence
    I could ever speak.
    Those three words
    Are only for you.


© 1998 Geeia Lynn Brodsky Habing.
The above poem is protected by copyright and as such should not be printed out or stored in any permanent form without permission of the copyright holder. It was submitted by its author, and appears here by permission.