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"wreath of misty breathy words of..."
- James Pete Taylor (1978 - )

    wreath of misty breathy words of...
    rising above her head,
    hair shines under stars,
    in the cold crisp moon-
    light lit night
    dissipate into nothing I would call
    is her happy quiet
    I'm-so-glad-it's-you smile
    is what she seems to say with
    subtle, too much for words,
    is her manner as she reaches out
    -her fingers cold in the autumn air-
    gently brushes my face
    the heat, nearly burning me,
    of her gaze, not gazing, pulling
    me into the depths I so do love to sink
    with her into time where
    like her eyes in the starry starry night
    we will dance to
    the music of this moment is forever.


© 1998 James Pete Taylor.
The above poem is protected by copyright and as such should not be printed out or stored in any permanent form without permission of the copyright holder. It was submitted by its author, and appears here by permission.